Akhir bunyi di akhir baris pada pantun dinamakan?

Akhir bunyi di akhir baris pada pantun dinamakan?
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Akhir bunyi di akhir baris pada pantun dinamakan?

  1. sajak
  2. rima
  3. irama
  4. birama
  5. Semua jawaban benar

Berdasarkan Pilihan diatas jawaban yang tepat adalah :
Jawaban: B. rima.

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Baca Juga:  After spending 1 night in Manado I headed off to Bunaken on one of the public boats on Sunday. I had expected something like a ferry but it was actually a wooden boat full of locals and a whole lot of supplies heading to the Island. On the trip over I met French who had been to the Island twice before and said that he knew a nice place to stay and to do some diving. We arrived at the Sea breeze dive centre and were immediately greeted by a local who instantly picked me for an Australian. We worked out. What I thought was a fair deal for room for 4 days with the diving equipment. Even with a fair price diving was one of the most expensive sports I have undertaken whilst on my travels. Definitely one of the most worthwhile though. Bunaken was a small, quiet island which comprises of a local village and a row of dive centre offering food, accommodation and diving packages. The place I stayed at has a whole lot of bungalows and a restaurant, common area on the water edge, which was a very nice place to enjoy dinner and a few drinks. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

Menurut Mamimi.info, akhir bunyi di akhir baris pada pantun dinamakan rima.

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